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raindrop / дождевая капля
имя существительное
дождевая капля
имя существительное
a single drop of rain.
The first thunderclap brought down raindrops and hailstones as big as marbles.
It's so hot and humid I feel like I'm living in a raindrop .
It was all black with a single white rose in the middle, a raindrop falling off its petal.
The wind shifted and a single raindrop came through the window and landed exactly on the candlewick, extinguishing it.
‘It's starting to rain,’ Gabe said as a large raindrop splashed against his forehead.
Although most of the light passes straight through a raindrop, the light at the edges is refracted and then reflected away from the raindrop .
Thunder rolled through the clouds as the lightning hopped from cloud to cloud and I felt a raindrop hit my cheek as it started to sprinkle down.
She looked up at the sky, and a single raindrop hit her face, which was followed by several more.
Well, we find also that air quality has an impact on the size of the raindrops .
The rain pelted down and pelted down and the raindrops smeared my glasses so I could barely see.
Now, the tears were coming out as fast as the fat monsoon raindrops outside were coming down.