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raincoat / дождевик, непромокаемый плащ, непромокаемое пальто
имя существительное
raincoat, slicker, puffball, oilcoat
непромокаемый плащ
raincoat, waterproof, oilskin, slicker, rainsuit, mackintosh
непромокаемое пальто
raincoat, mackintosh, macintosh
имя существительное
a long coat made from waterproofed or water-resistant fabric.
From the coolest raincoats to the classiest overcoats, you're not ready for spring until you get your hands on a spring jacket.
Trek yanked on his jeans and a yellow raincoat and ran out into the storm.
Beyond a police car and a dark van, he stopped beside a man in a raincoat and a bowler hat.
I find a raincoat on the coat rack and pick up an umbrella and take the girls outside.
A raincoat will keep you high and dry, and it's a great way to add some punch to your sweater and jeans.
Enclosed are ideas for embellishing your fabric and waterproofing it to make a beautiful raincoat .
Who wears a trilby, a cravat and an old raincoat around these parts?
He once turned up at Buckingham Palace in a fawn raincoat , woollen gloves and an old silk hat.
Those attending have been advised to come prepared for the weather, raincoat and trousers and waterproof footwear.
There are caps, a raincoat , a water-proof jacket, an umbrella and a medium weight jerkin, all kept in his care.
Almost all the raincoats were transparent plastic and made from a variety of materials from cling film to film negatives.