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rain / дождь, град, поток
имя существительное
hail, shower, rain, volley, storm, deluge
flow, stream, flux, current, flood, rain
имя прилагательное
rain, rainy, pluvial
pour, flow, rain, run, stream, wash
rain, pour forth, sift
pour, shed, cast, rain, run, found
имя существительное
moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops.
the rain had not stopped for days
rain falls.
it was beginning to rain
Her eyes popped in surprise as a rain of sparks cascaded from my hair.
it's pouring rain
I suppose Jin thinks I am a weeping waif, looking for a poor soul to shed her troubles on in a rain of sobs and runny noses.
it was beginning to rain
it was beginning to rain
Most of them don't make past a few feet, knocked off by a constant rain of debris, but it is only a matter of time before some begin to reach the summit.
The wintry weather took on freakish proportions with torrential rain turning to sideways sleet as the blustery wind continued to create havoc.
It was odd that not too far away, it was probably pouring rain , while it was humid and sunny where Kace stood.
Pulled low on their heads were baseball caps; the constant drizzle of rain pouring off of the rims.
The city motorway towards the south was transformed into a field of rubble by a rain of dust and bricks, which damaged numerous cars and injured their drivers.