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railwayman / железнодорожник
имя существительное
railwayman, railroader, railman
‘Once a railwayman, always a railwayman ,’ he said.
The anonymous railwayman could not have foreseen that the posters would eventually become one of the hottest properties in a very hot area of collecting - ‘railwayana’.
A teenager who suffered a brain haemorrhage when he fell from his bike on the way to catch a train has been reunited with the railwayman who helped to save his life.
He enjoyed a forty-five-year working career as a freight railwayman from 1947, when he joined the Great Western Railway.
Perhaps only a railwayman could reminisce about his former workplace with such affection.
His practical experience as a railwayman caused him to look with a more critical eye on railway administration both before and after privatisation.
Former railwaymen have told me what it was like to be in the place during its splendour.
He said it was a shame a bit of history was coming to end and it would be mourned by longer-serving railwaymen .
Seventy-five years ago, at a junction of the Great North of Scotland Railway known as Inveramsay, the local railwaymen used as their base a two-roomed shack.
There would then be a period of practical training on the track, using close personal supervision involving experienced railwaymen from Jarvis.