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railway / железнодорожный
имя прилагательное
railway, railroad, elevated
имя существительное
железная дорога
railway, railroad, road, elevated
железнодорожный путь
railway, railroad, rail, elevated
строить железную дорогу
railroad, railway
It is to be located along the railway in the city of Kaesong, just inside the North Korean border.
Commuters could benefit from plans to provide car parking at a branch line railway station.
a railway station
Despite the massive destruction to the railway system the main lines were cleared two days after the blast.
Trains running along the busy railway line were halted during the afternoon and evening.
He parked the car at the railway station and walked along the deserted line.
As for claims that nuts never come loose on the railway , rail workers rubbished that last week.
Fields around Horwich are flooded in places, and all along the railway line to Bolton acres of land are seen under water.
a railway line
Plans have been submitted to lay a leisure trail along a former railway as part of a £1 million project.