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rail / рельс, поручни, перила
имя существительное
rail, breastwork
railing, handrail, rail, balustrade, banisters, banister
имя прилагательное
swear, scold, abuse, berate, revile, rail
rail, rail in, rail off
swear, abuse, curse, cuss, revile, rail
имя существительное
a bar or series of bars, typically fixed on upright supports, serving as part of a fence or barrier or used to hang things on.
A similar situation was narrowly avoided whilst recently affixing a curtain rail to the wall in the lounge.
a steel bar or continuous line of bars laid on the ground as one of a pair forming a railroad track.
trolley rails
a horizontal piece in the frame of a paneled door or sash window.
The sash is made up of rails , which are pieces of wood that surround glass panes.
a conductor that is maintained at a fixed potential and to which other parts of a circuit are connected.
The BASH converter in turn converts this gate pulse into a power signal that feeds the power amplifier's main supply rails .
a secretive bird with drab gray and brown plumage, typically having a long bill and found in dense waterside vegetation.
Apart from coots and related rails , only ostriches and weaverbirds can detect parasitic eggs left by their own species.
provide or enclose (a space or place) with a rail or rails.
the altar is railed off from the nave
(in windsurfing) sail the board on its edge, so that it is at a sharp angle to the surface of the water.
complain or protest strongly and persistently about.
he railed at human fickleness
The stairs were steep and creaking and he held on to the rail bolted to the wall.
The other hand simply rested on the bridge rail , not supporting her as she didn't lean against it.
If your cut exposes the hollow portion of the door, you must reinstall the solid-wood rail from the cutoff.
A pink hand towel hanging on a rail could be seen from the street.
Due to the high price of fuel, rail traffic has been up over the past year.
You come down through the backwash, you stick your rail in the backwash and do the best you can.
They stood on the beach and lined the south rail of the pier, holding binoculars and cameras, listening to radios, scanning the sky.
Swaying slightly, she clutched the stair rail for support and slowly made her way down, one step at a time.
The ordeal began as the result of a tragic accident when a rail worker died after slipping and falling on to the live rail on the main line.
the anode must be connected to the positive supply rail