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raider / рейдер, участник налета, участник набега
имя существительное
участник налета
участник набега
имя существительное
a person who attacks an enemy in the enemy's territory; a marauder.
Scandinavian raiders put down their roots in Cumbria
A second raider was believed to have been carrying a gun.
In a passage on the war years, he includes the story about the single German air raider firing on the fish shop.
It is believed the sailor died when HMAS Sydney was sunk by the German raider , Kormoran off the WA coast on November 19, 1941.
Like the Vikings, the Moros were seagoing traders, slavers and raiders .
The net was closing last night on raiders who fired at unarmed gardai during a bank robbery in Co Limerick yesterday.
In eastern Scotland, as in other parts of Europe devastated by Scandinavian attacks, the raiders ' immediate legacy was political and social dislocation.
None of the civilian models have been manufactured in any armed variant, but the modifications are simple enough and many raiders and bandits have fitted their Peregrines with weapons.
Ten merchant ships were used as armed merchant raiders , or auxiliary cruisers, and a few were employed as blockade runners between Japan and Germany.
Their country's withdrawal of troops from the rebel republic of Chechnya is the key demand of the raiders .
Detectives hunting the armed raiders who attacked a North Yorkshire businessman at his home are now focusing their inquiries on the Teesside area.