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raid / рейд, набег, налет
имя существительное
raid, road
raid, foray, incursion, inroad, invasion, irruption
raid, bloom, touch, swoop, scurf, deposit
совершать налет
raid, hijack
совершать набег
raid, harry
совершать облаву
имя существительное
a sudden attack on an enemy by troops, aircraft, or other armed forces in warfare.
a bombing raid
conduct a raid on.
officers raided thirty homes yesterday
redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) disks, a system for providing greater capacity, faster access, and security against data corruption by spreading the data across several disk drives.
Alternatively, please everyone and raid your room mini bar as you watch the Pattaya Mail Channel's latest features.
Last month more than 1,300 kilograms of ammonium nitrate were stolen in a raid on a quarry.
Hundreds of DVDs, CDs and PlayStation games were stolen in the biggest raid on a west Wiltshire library in 20 years, with police at a loss to explain how the burglars got in.
A Leeds woman who single-handedly tackled an armed robber and prevented a raid on a building society was yesterday honoured for her bravery by the Home Secretary.
a police raid on his home
Those who don't have their own will raid the store room for tartan shirts to make into kilts.
I guess there was only one thing to do: ceremoniously raid the fridge.
Masked robbers wielding nine-inch bladed knives stole cash during the latest raid on a Bradford burger bar.
This man tells us he was blinded after a bombing raid by Sudanese aircraft.
‘They knew we were coming,’ sighs a Hong Kong-based investigator who participated in the raid .