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ragtime / рэгтайм, джазовый ритм
имя существительное
джазовый ритм
имя прилагательное
absurd, ridiculous, ludicrous, preposterous, grotesque, ragtime
disorderly, ragtime
ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable, derisory, farcical, ragtime
имя существительное
music characterized by a syncopated melodic line and regularly accented accompaniment, evolved by black American musicians in the 1890s and played especially on the piano.
In their dancing, in their minstrelsy and then in ragtime , black Americans were insisting on setting European-style music free by refusing to be restricted to a ground beat.
The bars and brothels provided steady work for the piano players who had developed ragtime .
His drum solos brought on much applause from an audience obviously starved for the New Orleans ragtime style music.
Although she died relatively young, Mills was an inventive influence in the worlds of both jazz and ragtime in the 1920s.
Much of the wonderful music is ragtime , which took America by storm in the early years of the twentieth Century.
Her solos are reminiscent of Wally Rose's lilting ragtime sides on the first Watters Jazzman records in 1941.
The band members describe their musical style as ‘foot-stomping acoustic ragtime blues’, and the description is pretty spot on.
A tinny piano plays a bouncy ragtime tune over faded sepia photos, unwittingly romanticizing an era now long past.
It's set in a honky-tonk hall and it's just a very colourful piece that's a great way to finish the show with a ragtime band on stage.
The festival features dozens of performers and music from traditional and contemporary folk to music hall, ragtime , sea shanties, country and more besides.
The next number, ‘Coffee's Cold,’ relies on a bouncy ragtime groove with just a bit of swing.