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ragtag / сброд, шушера, подонки общества
имя существительное
rabble, rag-tag, vermin, canaille, populace, rag-tag and bobtail
rag-tag, rag-tag and bobtail
подонки общества
underworld, riffraff, raff, scum, rag-tag, rag-tag and bobtail
имя существительное
a group of people perceived as disreputable or undesirable.
This was the case when the US, the UK, and a ragtag of minor allies invaded the country in March.
имя прилагательное
untidy, disorganized, or incongruously varied in character.
a ragtag group of idealists
This was the case when the US, the UK, and a ragtag of minor allies invaded the country in March.
Adding to the fun is a bit of inspired genre-hopping marked by the entrance of Frank's neighbours, a trio of misfits that form a kind of ragtag support group for him.
People are booing, and I don't even try to stop them as this ragtag of veteran-looking musicians play on.
They were ragtag adventurers, all on the road together for different reasons, as fate would have it.
Rather oddly, the fireman sporting a handlebar moustache about to sip a saucer of hot cocoa is ignoring the fire ragtag behind him and turns his back on two colleagues who are tackling it.
The people I have known have been a scruffy lot, a ragtag of mongrels from all over the place, but I would not change them for the world.
Thus begins a story of three generations of ragtag heroes fighting against the alien invasion.
There was no word about the 12-year-old twins who lead this ragtag army of around 100 mostly ethnic Karen fighters.
Although a far from usual setting for a comedy series, the inmates were not too problematic or insane but merely a ragtag of eccentrics who had opted out of life.
We think of Washington at Valley Forge, or we think of Washington with his ragtag band of militia men beating the British.