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ragged / рваный, оборванный, неровный
имя прилагательное
ragged, tattered, lacerated, raggy
ragged, tattered, tatty, tagrag
uneven, rough, irregular, bumpy, rugged, ragged
имя прилагательное
(of cloth or clothes) old and torn.
An women in ragged cloths with one dirty infant in her arms approaches my car which stopped at a red light in Shahbag.
having a rough, irregular, or uneven surface, edge, or outline.
a ragged coastline
suffering from exhaustion or stress.
he looked a little ragged, a little shadowy beneath the eyes
make fun of (someone) in a loud, boisterous manner.
The lads were ragging me about that, declaring I had lost my touch, he laughed.
rebuke severely.
If any male relative comes to the village after sunset, the women rag him and sometimes beat him up.
The detonations collapsed the three-storey house in on itself, leaving a ragged hole in the street's facade, as though a tooth had been torn from a smile.
He was clad in a black ragged cloak that hung around his body like a veil of darkness.
His imagination was fevered, he thought of himself as a knight from a bygone era and moved around like one, riding a ragged horse.
A single very small spherical shell is characterized by a lumpy to ragged surface and numerous short spines.
Such mills have large diameter rolls with surfaces that are roughened or ragged to increase the coefficient of friction.
He wore ragged trousers and a grubby torn shirt that was far too big for him and looked as though it was a type of tent.
The shouts of an old woman dressed in ragged clothes surprised us.
"I'm sorry, " she said, her voice ragged and husky from weeping.
She looked down at Spitz whose respiration was so ragged that she sounded like she was suffocating slowly.
Lines were ragged , several dancers shuffled into place and many seemed unsure of cues.