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rage / ярость, гнев, раж
имя существительное
fury, rage, anger, wrath, ire, rampage
anger, wrath, rage, fury, ire, passion
rage, storm, bluster, rave, ramp, tear
rage, storm
rage, rave about
имя существительное
violent, uncontrollable anger.
her face was distorted with rage
feel or express violent uncontrollable anger.
he raged at the futility of it all
Air rage on a flight to the sun cost 10 Irish holidaymakers hundreds of pounds each when they had to make their own way home.
Winds just as strong rage from the Gulf of Alaska, infamous for terrible storms that drop several hundred inches of rain and snow annually.
I could see the rage rise in his face as the guard kept whispering.
computer rage
Vintage styles are all the rage this season, so if you're patient enough you can actually find lots of goodies at select thrift shops in your area.
After a moment, Simon sank onto the edge of his desk, the rage dying.
the rising rage of the sea
Although all the rage in Europe, the medication is not widely available in Canada, and treatment programs have to apply for special access from Ottawa.
Picture yourself as a peasant in your wood and daub hut, while the storms of the Northern Hemisphere winter rage outside and the snow lies deep upon the ground.
Argument will continue to rage over the research proposed by the Newcastle scientists.