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ragamuffin / оборванец, оборвыш, ободранец
имя существительное
ragamuffin, ragged fellow, tatterdemalion, tat, shagrag, tatterdemallion
имя существительное
a person, typically a child, in ragged, dirty clothes.
Why had she even gone with the dirty little ragamuffin ?
The three significant French magazines focusing exclusively on rap (and ragamuffin as well) are Radikal, Groove, and R.E.R. (for Rap Et Reggae).
In addition to the chic sound of Paris which Solaar himself is most closely aligned to, there are groups like IAM which lead Marseille in its edgier, more recognisably ragamuffin style.
He has the makings of a male model underneath his ragamuffin dreads.
‘If I catch you I'm going to kiss you,’ yelled the ragamuffin , casting aside his sandwich box and hurtling off after her.
No R & B release these days would be complete without an appearance from Sean Paul, and the ragamuffin adds his trademark delivery to this song.
Set on Thanksgiving, an artsy New York ragamuffin type tries to get dinner together for her estranged suburban family.
I'm a ragamuffin in real life - I don't wear makeup, I don't brush my hair.
The first was shorter, rat-faced kid in ragamuffin attire who Skye only knew by sight.
French-speaking blacks from the Caribbean launched ragamuffin - a musical form influenced by reggae and its associated musical styles - in France.
The first time we met this ragamuffin she was very shy, but this time she was so friendly, full of confidence and holding our hands as we walked around.