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rag / тряпка, ветошь, лоскут
имя существительное
rag, doormat, milksop, softie, clout, tatter
rag, patch, clout, snippet, snip
имя прилагательное
дробить руду
tease, badger, pick on, vex, rib, rag
play, act out, play off, play up, hoax, rag
имя существительное
a piece of old cloth, especially one torn from a larger piece, used typically for cleaning things.
he wiped his hands on an oily rag
a newspaper, typically one regarded as being of low quality.
the local rag
a program of stunts, parades, and other entertainments organized by students to raise money for charity.
rag week
a large, coarse roofing slate.
a ragtime composition or tune.
Composed rags were widely published and became extremely popular among white amateur pianists, though it is likely that the black creators of ragtime would have played in a much freer manner than the written music suggests.
make fun of (someone) in a loud, boisterous manner.
The lads were ragging me about that, declaring I had lost my touch, he laughed.
rebuke severely.
If any male relative comes to the village after sunset, the women rag him and sometimes beat him up.
rag week
There should be a clean rag under my pillow on the cot.
Then she turns back around and hands me a rag , ‘Go clean off the tables then get out of here.’
He relieves some of his frustration by writing letters to the editor of the local rag and lovingly tends his collection of fountain pens.
The Institute closed its bar during rag week last year and has developed a code of practice for all drinks-related activity on campus.
the local rag
The woman strode quickly to the tables, scooped up a few fallen petals, and dusted the throne with a clean rag , though it was already sparkling magnificence.
In rag week the college's Dome Bar was closed in an effort to encourage moderate alcohol drinking.
Although in the past I know I have fully expressed my dislike for getting taken to school by my parents, during rag week we really had no choice.
not a rag of clothing has arrived to us this winter