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raft / плот, множество, рафт
имя существительное
raft, float
multiplicity, plurality, variety, multitude, plenty, raft
alloy, raft, fuse, float, frit
гнать плот
составлять плот
имя существительное
a flat buoyant structure of timber or other materials fastened together, used as a boat or floating platform.
As kids, we were always on the water in canoes or rowboats or homemade rafts .
a large amount of something.
a raft of government initiatives
travel on or as if on a raft.
I have rafted along the Rio Grande
bring or fasten together (a number of boats or other objects) side by side.
You're rafted up with other boats at your favorite swimming hole, and all of a sudden some knucklehead comes by throwing a supersized wake.
They were taking down our coordinates every 15 minutes in case we got washed under and had to take the rubber raft and jump into our survival suits.
More than 50 employers take part in the Sharrow project which uses a raft of display boards in shops and libraries to advertise details of job opportunities.
Swim, raft , or trek along the rivers, which emerge from the glacial highlands of the Andes and vary from black to white, cloudy, ruddy, or salty.
Without a word we climb down into the water and swim underneath the raft , between the orange plastic drums.
I made the mistake of thinking that they had given up and commandeered my favorite inflatable raft to float me around the pool.
I befriended a couple of the kids, and together we built a raft that we would row down the Dodder as far as the great waterfall in Donnybrook.
Orr takes me on a terrifying spin in a blow-up raft down the Lagan.
They worked together to help survivors jump from the ship into the raft .
The team has worked hard with police to secure a raft of anti-social behaviour orders in the last year.
The captain and his crew were left drifting aimlessly on the tiny raft after their boat, the Gullborg, exploded south of Shetland almost 32 years ago.