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raffish / беспутный, вульгарный
имя прилагательное
dissolute, dissipated, raffish, gay, scampish, rakish
vulgar, blatant, low, common, gross, raffish
имя прилагательное
unconventional and slightly disreputable, especially in an attractive manner.
his raffish air
The parents of these churlish, raffish youths should be held responsible.
He is an engaging man, with a raffish grin.
A one-time fishing village, it has a beat-up, raffish looking downtown surrounded by new, big marinas.
Even the raffish collection of outsiders that have washed up there seem part of the patchwork.
The Bahamas' capital, with its large, sheltered harbour, has swung many times from boomtown to backwater and back again in its rather raffish past.
Suntanned from riding on his motorcycle, his hair longer than before and distinctly raffish , he didn't look much like the well-groomed man who'd hung around for Liza's birth.
Brighton, on the south coast and one hour by train from London, is the most raffish , louche and exciting of British seaside towns.
Artists enjoy seeing themselves as raffish outsiders, people of dubious morality.
He's still drainpipe thin, official rock legend dimensions, although his nervy stare is now crowned by a raffish swoop of snowy grey where a slick black executive crewcut once sat.
Artists and antique dealers have moved in, giving the neighbourhood a raffish bohemian energy.