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radiotherapy / радиотерапия, рентгенотерапия
имя существительное
radiotherapy, radiation, radiotherapeutics, radium therapy
radiotherapy, radiotherapeutics, X-ray therapy
After two major operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy , the disease went into remission.
As a result, many patients who have had a mastectomy will now also receive postoperative radiotherapy .
No further chemotherapy or radiotherapy could be given to control this recurrence.
A dry mouth caused by certain drugs or after chemotherapy or radiotherapy to the head and neck may also lead to thrush.
Often, the initial response of a cancer to radiotherapy is a good indication of how successful the treatment will be.
Seven patients treated with radiotherapy developed some radiation telangiectasia.
to undergo radiotherapy
Extensive local surgical resection rather than radiotherapy is the treatment of choice.
After an adventurous war time career in the Polish Free Forces he specialised in radiotherapy .
Surgery may be followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone treatment.