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radioman / радист, радиотехник
имя существительное
radioman, operator, spark, radio-operator
radioman, radiotrician
имя существительное
a radio operator or technician.
I just watched the first episode, an interview with Jack Klamm, a Naval radioman who was stationed at Fort Ward's Station S during WWII.
Pace turns to the radioman to order an artillery barrage on the town.
The radioman directed the Hiawatha's transmission to Brenner's earpiece.
‘No incoming radio transmissions,’ the radioman said.
The team's radioman , carried the best in mobile communications gear that wouldn't even reach the civilian market for another four or five years.
‘Captain, they're hailing us,’ the radioman said.
‘We're being contacted by the Halberd,’ the radioman said.
The imposition of radio silence during such missions made me more of a gunner than a radioman .
The radioman on a B - 17 has the big radio directly in front of him and a desk to take down messages.
‘They're signaling that they're ready for docking,’ the radioman said.
Burns and his radioman were patrolling the lagoon with another Kingfisher pilot from North Carolina.