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radioactivity / радиоактивность
имя существительное
radioactivity, activity
имя существительное
the emission of ionizing radiation or particles caused by the spontaneous disintegration of atomic nuclei.
Early studies of radioactivity revealed that certain atomic nuclei were naturally radioactive.
Small amounts of radioactivity escaped into the atmosphere.
The time interval needed to reduce the applied radioactivity to 50% was taken as the optimal pulsing time.
When this occurs, the electron shoots out of the atom and is called a beta particle, a type of radioactivity .
This year is the centennial of the Nobel Prize in Physics shared by Henri Becquerel and the Curies for their pioneering work on radioactivity .
The devices could be equipped with sensors that detect various substances, from heat to chemicals or radioactivity .
Indeed, many isotopes spontaneously convert to other elements through radioactivity .
The element itself was actively producing radiation, a property referred to as radioactivity .
The accident, which didn't cause any leakage of radioactivity , occurred when the train was reversing at just 5mph.
They are comparing sediment taken from the Humber estuary - unpolluted by radioactivity - with other samples which contain the substance.
Its functions relate principally to the monitoring of radioactivity in the environment and of radiation doses received by Irish people in the course of their work.