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radio-controlled / управляемый по радио
имя прилагательное
управляемый по радио
имя прилагательное
(especially of an electronic model toy) controllable from a distance by radio.
One can still appreciate the incredible cleverness that went into the illusion, especially the use of radio-controlled devices and early animatronics.
The cash is part of money raised through sponsorship for the team's effort to build and race a radio-controlled car in the annual tournament which they won last year.
During his PhD studies at Canterbury University in the early 1980s, Dr Alexander worked on amphibious designs and made his own radio-controlled model.
Now, if you just want to tell the time, you can pay £30 and get a radio-controlled clock that will tell the time to one millionth of a second, which is great.
The first radio-controlled toy car appeared in 1955.
The family argues that he would still be alive if his regiment had been equipped with up-to-date technology that would have stopped the radio-controlled bomb from being detonated.
Everyone liked the robots, some of which looked hardly human, but which nevertheless moved around in response to signals from handheld radio-controlled devices.
A Venturi chemical injector and radio-controlled valves are connected directly to the irrigation line leading to the green, regulating the chemical applications.
This radio-controlled clock satisfies my need for accuracy, plus it projects the time onto my bedroom ceiling.
But the past few days when I've been blogging I've looked out the window and seen a small boy walk past with a radio-controlled car.
The school bell will also be replaced by radio-controlled clocks in each classroom.