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radio / радио, радиоприемник, радиовещание
имя существительное
radio, wireless
radio, receiver, wireless, set, radioreceiver, receiving-set
broadcasting, broadcast, radio
передавать по радио
radio, broadcast, radiocast, radiobroadcast, wireless, pipe
посылать радиограмму
имя существительное
the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, especially those carrying sound messages.
cellular phones are linked by radio rather than wires
communicate or send a message by radio.
the pilot radioed for help
denoting radio waves or broadcasting.
connected with rays, radiation, or radioactivity.
belonging to the radius in conjunction with some other part.
On the train, I switched the radio on to a phone-in programme where listeners expressed their worries about the escalating situation.
cellular phones are linked by radio rather than wires
An atom will have many frequencies, some at radio wavelength, some in the visible spectrum, and some in between the two.
I asked them to shake their heads if they heard me, but the radio apparently was not transmitting.
It was the first convention to reach the general public live by radio broadcast.
She reached towards the radio to switch off the song before the next verse, but she was too far away and her vision was blurred from tears.
I firmly believe that they would love to increase the audience of people of color for public radio programming.
Microlights can be flown anywhere outside controlled airspace and while most planes have one, a radio is not mandatory.
Ken Crites, a Minot Daily News reporter who used to work in radio , also complained about the situation.
We had access to new information paths - the telegraph, telephone, radio , and television.