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radiator / радиатор, излучатель, батарея
имя существительное
radiator, heater, pipes
radiator, oscillator, radiant
battery, radiator, pile, troop, range, bench
имя существительное
a thing that radiates or emits light, heat, or sound.
It follows, then, that any radiation emitted by the cavity radiator corresponds to the definition of blackbody radiation.
an engine-cooling device in a motor vehicle or aircraft consisting of a bank of thin tubes in which circulating fluid is cooled by the surrounding air.
The thin air also reduces the engine's power and decreases the cooling efficiency on the oil and water radiators that cool the engine.
The radiator has tubes that contain large amount of water and has an area to allow outside air to pass through.
Water cooled engines include radiator , pump, thermostat, fan and connecting hoses and pipes.
I excused myself, and toddled off, book in hand, to my warm spot by the dining room radiator .
Listening keenly and swishing deftly, we pinpointed the noises to be coming from the small portable radiator that sat against the wall of my sisters room.
The cooling fluid had to be pumped from the radiator to the engine via tubing and a series of pumps.
He started 13 th last week and parked 74 laps later after his radiator punctured and the engine overheated.
"Iraqi labourers have installed a new radiator on a generator air intake.
I was just going to tell you how to turn on the radiator , because these rooms freeze at night.
A different type of laser currently in development is the isotropic radiator .
Put the hosepipe back on, refilled the radiator and I drove straight to the repair place.