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radiant / радиант, излучатель, источник излучения
имя существительное
radiator, oscillator, radiant
источник излучения
имя прилагательное
shining, radiant, refulgent, sheeny, lambent, aglitter
radiant, starry, radiate, radial, lambent
radiant, effulgent, beaming
имя прилагательное
sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.
a bird with radiant green and red plumage
(of heat) transmitted by radiation, rather than conduction or convection.
Thermal energy from infrared, radiant heat sources has been used to treat chronic human wounds with decreasing frequency during the past 25 years.
имя существительное
a point or object from which light or heat radiates, especially a heating element in an electric or gas heater.
The bright light was radiant with the morning rays of red, orange, pink, and gold, reflecting brilliantly on the glasslike water.
His images are radiant with color, light and life, and his classic style of paintings evoke the very essence of some of the most delightful places on earth.
In convective and radiant heat transfer, the amount of heat transferred is usually a complex function of the temperatures of the two regions involved.
She stared at the jewelry in awe, it's radiant beauty astounding her.
The radiant heat system circulates hot water through tubing embedded in the concrete floors to provide an extremely even heat.
How her face lights up with radiant joy when she gets her favorite treat!
Kuijken brings an excellent team of soloists together to produce a reading of radiant spiritual beauty and emotional depth.
The radiant beauty of the score, and the warm tenderness at the heart of it, are very moving.
She looked absolutely radiant with joy in her period dress, spinning and twirling on the floor.
In the Sun, the process of thermonuclear fusion converts atoms of hydrogen into helium atoms, producing radiant energy.