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radial / радиальный, лучевой, лучистый
имя прилагательное
ray, radiation, radial
radiant, starry, radiate, radial, lambent
имя прилагательное
of or arranged like rays or the radii of a circle; diverging in lines from a common center.
The tentacles around the mouth are disposed in concentric circles, usually forming a series of radial lines rather than being alternately arranged.
of or relating to the radius.
During the surgery, care must be taken to protect the branches of the superficial and radial nerves that dorsally overlie the first dorsal compartment.
имя существительное
a radial tire.
You bolted upright, hit your head on the steering wheel, and I swerved right into this huge piece of rusted metal, which instantly severed the front left tire, steel radials and all.
a radial road.
The grid pattern is superimposed on the ring roads and radials .
a supporting ray in a fish's fin.
The only competing hypothesis - chaetognath affinity - provides some alternative interpretations; but the dorsal notochord, tail, and fin radials make this unlikely.
They are large bivalves with thick shells, which bear numerous and finely spaced concentric lines but no radial ones.
The racer utilized a strong but smallish airframe mated to a Pratt & Whitney radial and variable-position three-blade prop.
We're also going to experiment with radial tires; we think there's more performance to be found there.
I shoved the throttle on the Nakajima radial to full power.
I also like the performance of the new Phoenix radial tires.
Both diametrical and radial defect lines are found within the DNA cholesteric spherulites studied.
The line would serve up to 20 towns in the west of Ireland and link with radial routes to Westport, Ballina and Longford.
Why, Michelin wanted to know, are sales of radial tires surging in China even though they cost three times more than standard tires?
Speeds on radial roads would fall to 8 kilometres per hour, almost three times less than that of 1991.
Shortly after liftoff, the number three Wright radial experienced a momentary surge in power but then stabilized.