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racket / ракетка, рэкет, шум
имя существительное
racket, racquet, bat, battledore
noise, sound, uproar, din, clamor, racket
вести шумный образ жизни
racket, racket about
имя существительное
a type of bat with a round or oval frame strung with catgut, nylon, etc., used especially in tennis, badminton, and squash.
Anyway, I can't just go to some tennis court with my racquet and balls, I need someone to play with and that's why I need a club.
a loud unpleasant noise; a din.
the kids were making a racket
an illegal or dishonest scheme for obtaining money.
a protection racket
make a loud unpleasant noise.
trains racketed by
They were making a hell of a racket , sounding somewhat like terns calling.
On top of this mess are those patented gorgeous two-part harmonies, uncharacteristically straining to make themselves heard over the racket .
The light came on and the audience were on their feet, making a racket .
Their racket was laundering drug money through companies which traded in precious metals.
It was groaning and squealing, and making an awful racket .
He seems to be playing the ball in sheer delight at the things he can do with it, playing with a racket whose strings are one moment cobweb, the next piano-wire.
Do you think that rock, hip hop, and jazz are all noise and racket ?
a squash racket
It's a strange business, this journalism racket .
The faster form of river transport is the speedboat, machines that make so much noise as they roar by that passengers wear crash helmets to drown out the racket .