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rack / стойка, подставка, стеллаж
имя существительное
rack, stand, counter, bar, pillar, strut
stand, rack, pedestal, support, coaster, rest
rack, shelving, stack, stillage
torment, torture, excruciate, tantalize, rack, fret
strain, bend, stretch, rack, force, string up
run down, exhaust, wear, harass, fatigue, rack
имя существительное
a framework, typically with rails, bars, hooks, or pegs, for holding or storing things.
a spice rack
a cogged or toothed bar or rail engaging with a wheel or pinion, or using pegs to adjust the position of something.
a steering rack
an instrument of torture consisting of a frame on which the victim was stretched by turning rollers to which the wrists and ankles were tied.
When we finally emerged from the cave after an eight-hour trip it was as if we had spent the last eight hours on that medieval instrument of torture, the rack .
a triangular structure for positioning the balls in pool.
Megan put her and Alysha's balls in the racks .
a woman's breasts.
Arnie's woman is kinda bossy, but she's got a nice rack
cause extreme physical or mental pain to; subject to extreme stress.
he was racked with guilt
place in or on a rack.
the shoes were racked neatly beneath the dresses
raise (rent) above a fair or normal amount.
(of a horse) move with a rack gait.
draw off (wine, beer, etc.) from the sediment in the barrel.
the wine is racked off into large oak casks
there was a thin moon, a rack of cloud
A large but not too hard object fell on her from the overhead rack ; she was startled awake and began shouting a UFO had landed.
Nothing on the list of entrées cracks the $18 mark, despite the presence of sirloin steak, rack of lamb, trout, and salmon dishes.
It's been done out rather stylishly, but still feels rustic, with original limewashed stone walls, and the stalls and hay rack are still there.
Stalls should be equipped with a rack for hay, a trough or box for grain, and a water pail holder.
One butcher I spoke to said that you simply could not trim a loin of pork like a rack of lamb.
My rack of lamb was baked to perfection and nestled on a bed of peppered savoy and sliced potatoes, augmented by a delicious rosemary and orange jus.
We now find, after only 29,000 miles, one suspension strut was loose in its housing and the steering rack is shot and needs replacing.
And on this occasion Ruby had got herself up into a luggage rack and these sailors were on the train and they were all happy and enjoying themselves.
Mutton chops are still on the top of the menu, followed by broiled filet mignon, rack of lamb and a thick, crusty veal chop smothered in wild mushrooms.