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racetrack / ипподром, беговая дорожка, трек
имя существительное
hippodrome, racetrack, racecourse
беговая дорожка
running track, racetrack, tread, track, running path, racecourse
track, racetrack, racecourse
имя существительное
a ground or track for horse or dog racing.
The largest obstacles to a comprehensive racing bill are the differing interests of greyhound and horse racetracks .
But trading options is more like betting on horses at the racetrack .
It kind of indicated a couple of times that maybe you missed the competitive atmosphere of the racetrack and the track side. Is that what led you to leave the booth and to definitely get back to racing more on a competitive basis?
There are three simple rules - don't hit anything, don't break anything and keep the car on the racetrack .
This is not a new situation for Texas's owners, trainers, breeders, and racetrack operators.
It's a tough racetrack , and qualifying is very important.
Considering that most fans watch the races on TV rather than from the stands, the racetrack will make or break the reputation of an event.
Obviously, winning the first race last year seemed like it all came together, but there's a lot more to it than just the results on the racetrack .
The changes to the racetrack are very positive.
It's not a single-groove racetrack any longer.
Soon, he may even take over management of a horse racetrack .