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racer / гонщик, полоз, гоночная яхта
имя существительное
runner, skid, racer, coluber
гоночная яхта
имя существительное
an animal or means of transportation bred or designed especially for racing.
tall-masted ocean racers
a fast-moving, harmless, and typically slender-bodied snake.
A black snake - a harmless racer - dropped noisily from a low sable palm branch and disappeared into the underbrush.
a circular horizontal rail along which the carriage or traversing platform of a heavy gun moves.
These traits point to one particular breed, a relatively rare show pigeon as opposed to a roller or racer .
He laughed as he turned onto the highway in the neon green street racer .
One is the Saint Lucia racer , perhaps the rarest snake in the world, and the other is the worm snake, one of the smallest, measuring less than six inches long.
He contributed his drag racing know-how to help design a quarter-mile Cadillac racer .
he's Britain's No 1 downhill racer
Shortly after he won the Derby and then was beaten in the Belmont Stakes, he was considered more valuable as a breeder than a racer and was retired to stud in Japan.
a racer bra
a car that every top racer wants to drive
Life aboard an ocean racer is not a breeze but, despite the hardships she faced, she is not deterred and her experiences live on.
The racer burst into flames upon impact but the fire was quickly extinguished by park staff.