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racehorse / скаковая лошадь
имя существительное
скаковая лошадь
racehorse, racer
имя существительное
a horse bred, trained, and kept for racing.
He is passionate about horses and breeds thoroughbred racehorses .
Earlier this month, a retired greyhound defeated a top racehorse to claim the crown of fastest animal in the racing world.
Racing is not a team sport - it's about the jockey and his relationship with the thoroughbred racehorse .
The natural landscape has altered by the grass cutting that is essential for the racehorse training.
A good dog, like a good racehorse , is a combination of breeding and training - speed, stamina and finishing is all.
But we also need to educate people because many don't realise what they are taking home when they buy a thoroughbred racehorse .
She used to own a share in a racehorse but now bets on other people's horses instead.
His goal is to become a veterinarian, working with racehorses and eventually opening his own practice in his home community.
The higher the system is tuned, the more likely it is to break down: true of racing cars, racehorses and footballers.
Versatility is a trait not often seen in Thoroughbred racehorses .
By using real racehorses and real jockeys, the film makers have brought a physicality that is often missing in these days of computer-generated effects.