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rabid / бешеный, неистовый, яростный
имя прилагательное
mad, rabid, frantic, furious, frenzied, wild
violent, outrageous, frantic, frenetic, berserk, rabid
furious, violent, raging, rabid, stormy, rageful
rabid, partisan, phrenetic, frenetic
имя прилагательное
having or proceeding from an extreme or fanatical support of or belief in something.
a rabid feminist
(of an animal) affected with rabies.
As a result of haphazard and inadequate culling, there is now a plague of rabid foxes affecting villages and cities in an arc across the Alps from Austria, through Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia to Poland.
It is to do with culture, they argue, and to keep indigenous populations from feeling ‘swamped’ and thus prey to rabid extremists.
You could get stitched up and receive rabies vaccinations if you got mauled by a rabid dog.
There're idiots and rabid fanatics on both sides.
He was a rabid snob and a squirming snake-pit of prejudice, without even the intelligence to realise that other people were as human as himself.
There is death and destruction and they say that it's too dangerous to enter the city because of the rabid dogs and raw sewage - when they're the ones who have created this health hazard.
I am not a rabid republican but a middle-of-the-road Irish person who is proud of her Irish history and does not like to see it rewritten by anti-Irish journalists with a unionist agenda offensive to ordinary Irish people.
On July 6, 1885, Pasteur did something that no one else in human history had every done - he vaccinated a young boy who had been bitten more than 14 times by a rabid dog.
Outside the United States, exposure to rabid dogs is the most common cause of transmission to humans.
Televised sports events now evoke maniacal, raucous, rabid and even aggressive sentiments against rival nations or neighbours.
‘My Indian idyll came to an end four years after Independence because of a panther and a rabid dog,’ she wrote years later.