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rabbiting / охотиться на кроликов, много говорить, много болтать
охотиться на кроликов
rabbit, go rabbiting
много говорить
много болтать
hunt rabbits.
locate the area where you can go rabbiting
talk at length, especially about trivial matters.
stop rabbiting on , will you, and go to bed!
move quickly; run away.
he rabbited as soon as he saw us coming
Our mate Robbo came over here for a few weeks last year and when he got back he couldn't stop rabbiting on about the place.
Their excuse, said Mr Evans, was that they were visiting Cumbria for rabbiting and ferreting - an implausible explanation at a time when people were not allowed on to farmland because of the foot-and-mouth epidemic.
I wanted to go out rabbiting with Oscar, but you've been gone ages and now he's gone to sleep.
As she made her grateful escape, Mum is rabbiting on, ‘I hope she's got a good deodorant on a day like this.’
This was it, Evelyn recalls thinking, everything would go back to how it used to be; they would go rabbiting in the Phoenix Park, take trips in the car and visit the strawberry beds.
While he was rabbiting on about how we would jump off the cliffs at Barnageeragh, I slipped quietly away.
The rest were rabbiting on about share prices, company takeovers, fashion accessories, holiday destinations or some such guff.
It does, however, need plenty of exercise and will enjoy a days rabbiting , should the opportunity arise.
There is nothing in Part 1 about pensions, schools, holidays, or whatever he was rabbiting on about.
She was in the kitchen when I arrived, simultaneously rabbiting into a mobile phone while watching a soap opera on television.