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rabbit / кролик, заяц, слабый игрок
имя существительное
rabbit, bunny, hare, coney, cony, lapin
hare, rabbit, gatecrasher, puss, coney
слабый игрок
pushover, rabbit
охотиться на кроликов
rabbit, go rabbiting
много говорить
много болтать
имя существительное
a burrowing, gregarious, plant-eating mammal with long ears, long hind legs, and a short tail.
The chances of survival for South Africa's most endangered mammal, the riverine rabbit , looks even more desperate than has commonly been feared.
hunt rabbits.
locate the area where you can go rabbiting
talk at length, especially about trivial matters.
stop rabbiting on , will you, and go to bed!
move quickly; run away.
he rabbited as soon as he saw us coming
The game selection in my dish included venison, rabbit and pigeon.
In other words, the Amami rabbit has been isolated for so long from other rabbits and hares, including the volcano rabbit , that they are scarcely kin.
Fuller Pinot styles go well with poached or grilled salmon, foie gras, charcuterie, rabbit , hare, boar and ham.
After all, to a shooting man the only good rabbit is a dead rabbit .
My other food friend was excited by the presence of rabbit on the menu.
Sturdier ones, such as lavender, can be stuffed into chicken or rabbit before roasting, and then discarded later.
The next day she found the white rabbit still had no food or water.
chunks of rabbit and chicken
If local meat eaters all got hooked on home-grown rabbit , imagine the effect on our food import bill.
There were platform shoes, rabbit coats, sausage curls and blue eye shadow - and the women weren't a pretty sight either.