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qwerty / стандартно расположенный
имя прилагательное
стандартно расположенный
имя прилагательное
denoting the standard layout on English-language typewriters and keyboards, having q , w , e , r , t , and y as the first keys from the left on the top row of letters.
Anyone who has used a Palm device before will find the stylus-driven touch-screen perfectly familiar, while the qwerty thumb keyboard makes emailing and texting that bit quicker.
The stenotype works a bit like a portable word processor, but with a modified, 22-button keyboard in place of the standard qwerty setup.
Today, qwerty is my preferred mode of text input, and I very much want my smart phone to support qwerty as well.
I'm learning how to touch type the numerical keys on the qwerty keyboard.
So, with this in mind, have you ever noticed how close ‘d' and ‘g’ are on a qwerty keyboard?
Slip back the cover and there's a tiny qwerty keyboard, or you can use the stylus to input data.
Input with an ordinary qwerty keyboard (with predictive programmes) is rapid.
You might not even be able to assume that the qwerty keyboard was chosen because it was such a great layout.
In other words, the genetic code is the qwerty keyboard of biology - not necessarily the best solution, but too deeply ingrained to be replaced or improved.
One which has to have a qwerty keyboard simply can't survive in the phone business; while one which simply must have a mouse input is never going to be usable one-handed.