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quotient / частное, коэффициент, отношение
имя существительное
coefficient, factor, ratio, rate, index, quotient
ratio, relationship, respect, attitude, relation, quotient
share, proportion, fraction, percentage, portion, quotient
part, portion, piece, section, proportion, quotient
имя существительное
a result obtained by dividing one quantity by another.
By examining the limits of sums, products and quotients of variable quantities, Mengoli was setting up the basic rules if the calculus thirty years before Newton and Leibniz.
a degree or amount of a specified quality or characteristic.
the increase in Washington's cynicism quotient
Fortunately, they aren't serious enough to lower the film's broad-based appeal or to diminish its quotient of feel-good moments.
Already, the artsy-fartsy quotient at neighborhood restaurants and bars is nearing, ahem, Orange Alert level.
Why is the quotient of a number divided by zero infinity?
He began his contributions to this topic in 1883 with a paper in which he used the Dirichlet principle to prove that a meromorphic function of two complex variables is a quotient of two entire functions.
But this year the copycat quotient is off the scale.
In minutes, his sick printer was back on its feet, gobbling up its usual quotient of ink cartridges.
He fulfills the quiet-member-most-likely-to-turn-into-a-wild-man-at-any-moment quotient of the band.
Equation predicts that the quotient of growth rate and the amount of nitrogen in leaves is constant.
the increase in Washington's cynicism quotient
These seem, if anything, to have reinforced a sense of distance from it - an antipathy without his usual quotient of curiosity.