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quoth / сказал
said (used only in first and third person singular before the subject).
“Well, the tide is going out” quoth the sailor
Any port in a storm, quoth the sailors, even if it's a Port-O-Potty.
Merriam-Webster online doth quoth : ‘A geek used to be a carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake.’
“Well, the tide is going out” quoth the sailor
As a result, it saddens me to have to resort to this, but ‘desperate times require desperate measures for measure’, quoth The Bard, or someone else a bit like him who's equally famous.
Seabass miso-yaki - marinated for three days in miso and brown sugar, quoth our waiter - never quite rose above its excellent garlic mashed potatoes and dots of racy passionfruit purée.
‘Ah,’ quoth he, as soon as the bike started, ‘a blown cylinder head gasket.’