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quotation / цитата, кавычки, котировка
имя существительное
quote, quotation, citation, excerption
quotes, quote, inverted commas, quotation, hooks
citation, quotation
course, policy, path, heading, class, quotation
имя существительное
a group of words taken from a text or speech and repeated by someone other than the original author or speaker.
a quotation from Mark Twain
a formal statement setting out the estimated cost for a particular job or service.
you will be sent a written quotation for the cost of repairing your machine
a great argument with much quotation of Darwin
It is simply not possible to lift a convenient quotation from the text and expect it to illuminate a modern debate about rights theory without understanding the context in which Marx wrote.
My one criticism would be that it seems overly reliant on lots of quotation from news pieces.
you will be sent a written quotation for the cost of repairing your machine
ensure you receive a written quotation covering all aspects of the job
The balustrade has been inspected by the appropriate council departments and an approved contractor who will now provide a quotation and method statement for the reinstatement of the works.
the company is being refused a quotation on the New York Stock Exchange
Ted Hughes's reply, which opens by describing our dispute as a ‘corrosive misunderstanding’, is worth extensive quotation .
Because of that, it isn't actually amenable to quotation .
a quotation from Mark Twain