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quiz / викторина, опрос, экзамен
имя существительное
interrogation, quiz, debriefing, perquisition
exam, examination, quiz, mug
смотреть насмешливо
mock, taunt, scoff, razz, sneer, quiz
joke, poke fun, banter, chaff, hoax, quiz
имя существительное
a test of knowledge, especially a brief, informal test given to students.
In addition to the daily quizzes , student learning was evaluated by three in-class examinations and a final presentation by each student of an article to the entire class.
a practical joke or hoax; a piece of banter or ridicule.
I am impatient to know if the whole be not one grand quiz
a person who is odd or eccentric in character or appearance.
she means to marry that quiz for the sake of his thousands
ask (someone) questions.
four men have been quizzed about the murder
look curiously or intently at (someone) through or as if through an eyeglass.
deep-set eyes quizzed her in the candlelight
make fun of.
he says there's a great deal of poetry in brewing beer, but of course he's only quizzing us
But when he was quizzed about the murder, he told police the victim had ‘impaled himself’ on the knife when he took it out of his college folder to try to avoid being beaten up.
a pub quiz
By contrast, only 10 per cent quizzed during the poll identified malicious hackers as the largest threat to security.
Authors reported that students demonstrated increased achievement on quizzes and improved interest and engagement.
It gives an overview of British society and history and devotes chapters to the eight topics that candidates will be quizzed on in the test.
The teacher has handed out worksheets describing the weapons and siege engines which could have been used, and she is quizzing pupils about them.
The poll quizzed south-east Londoners on what they treasure most and least about the UK, in an attempt to find out what the UK's national treasure is.
Teachers in Hull will be quizzed about their pupils' bad behaviour in a survey into classroom violence.
Why can't the paper just say that a suspect is being questioned, rather than quizzed ?
Examinations should be given routinely and include simple quizzes , a midterm examination, and a final examination.