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quiver / колчан, дрожь, трепет
имя существительное
shiver, trembling, tremble, shake, tremor, quiver
trembling, thrill, awe, trepidation, tremor, quiver
tremble, flutter, thrill, shiver, quiver, palpitate
вызывать дрожь
имя существительное
a slight trembling movement or sound, especially one caused by a sudden strong emotion.
Meredith felt a quiver of fear
an archer's portable case for holding arrows.
He also had a framed backpack, a utility belt containing tools, a quiver containing 14 arrows, a flint dagger and most amazing of all, a copper axe.
tremble or shake with a slight rapid motion.
the tree's branches stopped quivering
You are instantly transported into an enchanting vista of cool water-filled ponds that quiver and shimmer with shadows that change with the time of day.
Meredith felt a quiver of fear
Slung across her back was a large crossbow and quiver of arrows.
Some of the images here caused even this reviewer to quiver a jaded eyebrow.
The anger in her face could make the bravest man in the world quiver in fear.
These include the bow and the basic accessories hunters need, such as a sight, quiver and arrow rest.
I packed my quiver full of arrows along with my armguard and left the palace.
The only indication was the slight quiver of his upper lip as his eyes bore into James.
There's just something in that voice, that slight quiver that lets you know he isn't hiding behind anything.
That quiver idea sounds so simple and good: have a board for several ranges of wave size and conditions.