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quit / бросать, покидать, оставлять
throw, cast, drop, quit, toss, fling
leave, abandon, forsake, quit, desert, vacate
leave, forsake, abandon, let, give up, quit
имя существительное
dismissal, discharge, sacking, leave, separation, quit
уход с работы
retirement, quit
имя прилагательное
free, spare, leisure, loose, easy, quit
leave (a place), usually permanently.
he was ordered to quit the cabin immediately
behave in a specified way.
quit yourselves like men, and fight
имя прилагательное
rid of.
I want to be quit of him
имя существительное
used in names of various small songbirds found in the Caribbean area, e.g., bananaquit , grassquit.
Only four out of 1,000 employees who quit jobs last year retired due to their age, according to the Ministry of Labor.
But one team member has since quit the project, taking half of the money.
Earlier this week a judge at Southampton County Court ordered that the travellers should quit the site by yesterday.
Why do you quit your routine when you begin to make progress?
The High Court ordered that the gypsies must quit the site and that order was stayed to allow the planning process to be used to agree or deny use of this piece of farmland for development.
The villagers told them to quit the place immediately.
In the past, such altruistic new boys have often made little contribution in Parliament and have usually quit after a couple of terms.
One of the oft-asked questions about this actor is why he does not quit his job as college lecturer and devote himself full-time to films.
Like them, I desired to quit the place of my raising.
He fears that other quality stores will quit the city if its continues to allow more discount stores to trade.