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quip / острота, колкость, эпиграмма
имя существительное
sharpness, acuteness, acuity, poignancy, yak, quip
barb, twit, jibe, dig, quip, sting
epigram, quip, squib
делать колкие замечания
mock, taunt, scoff, razz, sneer, quip
имя существительное
a witty remark.
I came up with excellent quips and remarks and wise cracks.
make a witty remark.
“Flattery will get you nowhere,” she quipped
We all look to Frank as somebody who, when we were making difficult decisions, was there with a funny quip .
At home he had been funny, sociable, always ready for a quip or a practical joke.
Peter ate heartily with a quip about being a condemned man
Every political side gets their shot at a bon mot, a quip , or a zinger.
You had to always be on your toes with her, because she would always make jokes and quips .
Even Oscar Wilde once quipped that he would have been more impressed if the falls ran upwards; at least no one has tried that yet.
As the New York Times has quipped , once hot offerings have now become hot potatoes.
An election, someone once quipped , is the only race in which most people pick the winner.
Trevor's not a churchgoer, quipping : ‘I'm a seventh day absentist.’
At a personal level, I remember him once quipping to me in a lift: ‘How can I like music that is supposed to represent a lost paradise, when I don't believe in such things?’