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quintet / квинтет
имя существительное
quintet, quintette
имя существительное
a group of five people playing music or singing together.
He believes that you increase your understanding by playing in small ensembles - three, four or five people in trios, quartets and quintets .
It's the only word you could apply to all of the Denver quintet 's music, from their loudest, fastest moment to their iciest piano passage.
As the title may imply, this is a quintet of Canadian jazz musicians, all of whom have busy careers south of the border.
Then as well we were treated to beautiful Mozart and Strauss music by a delightful quintet in traditional costume.
The contemporary music quintet was founded in August 1996.
So, if you imagine, in the quintet , all five players have the leading voice at different points and you have to be confident enough and love the other four enough to trust them to take you where they want.
Immediately, the musical and human chemistry of the quintet proved itself a winner, but there was always violence at their shows, mostly sparked by the singer.
In these conditions he managed also to compose a nonet for wind quintet and string quartet before being transferred in February 1945 to Terezín, where he died a month later of dysentery.
a novel about a quintet of interrelated lovers
Incorporating various styles of rock, jazz, blues and folk music, the quintet is lead by Matthews on guitar and vocals.
a jazz quintet played hypnotic Chicago blues