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quince / айва
имя существительное
quince, apple quince
имя существительное
a hard, acid, pear-shaped fruit used in preserves or as flavoring.
In Italy, from early times, mustard came to be used to flavour mostarda di frutta, a fruit relish made from quinces or grapes.
Honeysuckle and quince have nectar rich flowers and fruits follow.
Formal beds, divided by paths, probably contained a mixture of fragrant herbs, flowers including honeysuckle and rose, and fruit trees such as mulberry and quince .
Wall shrubs including pyracantha or ornamental quince can be trained and get less out of control than some vigorous climbers.
Stilton and pears is another classic combination, as is manchego cheese with slices of quince jelly.
You are supposed to be able to throw your hat through the middle of a quince tree without obstruction!
The cheese trolley is filled with Portuguese goat and sheep cheeses, to be eaten with a traditional slice of quince paste.
You can serve them with apple or quince compôte, with cream cheese and raisins, or with yoghurt and honey instead - but just remember that it's Pancake Day, not Wild Experiments With Batter Day.
It centers on a central ingredient such as eggplant, okra, spinach, quince , celery, or a myriad of other possibilities.
The jam should be high-fruit, low-sugar, and compatible with apple, ie, blackberry or quince rather than raspberry or strawberry.
This one was served in a small shot glass: a layer of quince compote and a layer of lemon jelly, topped with quince syrup.