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quilting / стежка, подбивка, пике
имя существительное
stitch, quilting
quilting, wadding
pique, nosedive, twill, quilting
имя существительное
the making of quilts, especially as a craft or leisure activity.
The craft of patchwork and quilting dates back to ancient times when the prime purpose was warmth and protection, today it is practised internationally and it is as varied and decorative as the individual desires.
join together (layers of fabric or padding) with lines of stitching to form a bed covering or a warm garment, or for decorative effect.
Why would someone go to the trouble of quilting a piece already ‘quilted’?
Kids who were initially intimidated by the thought of sewing soon came to realize how fun and fulfilling quilting together could be.
The Baptist church was the place where people not only prayed but organized their community and exchanged information, including ideas about sewing and quilting .
The exhibition featured bobbin lace, patchwork and quilting , cross stitch, canvas work embroidery, macramé, and even miniature furniture.
Under the umbrella of ‘sewing,’ I include quilting and embroidery.
Their isolation allowed strong family quilting styles with names like Log Cabin and Housetop to develop over generations, without competition from the world beyond.
I was intrigued by the piece as I had never before seen a textile that was woven to mimic quilting actually used as the base for a quilt.
she's taken up quilting again
Demonstrations included quilting , decorative paper cutting, decorative stenciling, tinsmithing, woodworking, band box making, and coopering.
One night, we were all sitting in front of the fireplace, Mother reading to Nicholas on her lap, Catherine doing some needlework, and me quilting .
Classes in patchwork quilting are also held every Tuesday in August.