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quilted / стеганый, ватный, подбитый ватой
имя прилагательное
cotton, wadded, quilted
подбитый ватой
имя прилагательное
(of a garment, bed covering, or sleeping bag) made of two layers of cloth filled with padding held in place by lines of stitching.
a blue quilted jacket
join together (layers of fabric or padding) with lines of stitching to form a bed covering or a warm garment, or for decorative effect.
Why would someone go to the trouble of quilting a piece already ‘quilted’?
He huffed and scratched at his chest through the quilted vest he wore.
The walls were painted with a yellow flower pattern, and the bed was covered in layers of white quilted blankets.
In cloth caps, camouflage trousers and sleeveless, khaki, quilted jackets they stalked the undergrowth capturing and killing.
The outfit for women consists of sealskin pants and kamiks, worn with a silk-covered quilted tunic and a lace and glass-beaded collar.
The first operation to be performed by the system is production of the quilt bag, which is the outer shell of fabric that eventually will be stuffed with filling and quilted to form the comforter or other quilted bedding.
I do remember that she was sitting up in bed in her quilted house coat, and she didn't seem all that ill, well apart from the cancerous cough and faintly sweet and unpleasant medical smell.
In the eighteenth century both men and women wore quilted clothes, and bedcovers were filled with padding for warmth.
Some men wear the traditional chopan, a long quilted robe originally used by shepherds.
On weekends, when it starts to heat up (temperature, that is), you can wear a quilted vest.
She seemed to be some kind of maidservant, but dressed like none I had ever seen before, in a long blue quilted skirt and a jacket of the same color.