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quietude / покой, тишина, мир
имя существительное
peace, rest, quiet, comfort, repose, quietude
silence, peace, quiet, quietness, calm, quietude
world, peace, universe, kingdom, quiet, quietude
имя существительное
a state of stillness, calmness, and quiet in a person or place.
Mourners deserve to honour their loss in peace, quietude and with due respect,’ he went on.
it highlights her quietude and wise passivity
But the loudest devotional song may bless the students to do their best, but it will surely not provide them the blissful quietude of early morning study that can make that extra difference in their examination preparation.
In the end, regretfully, I chose none of them, preferring instead two books I read quite frequently, one for its astonishing use of language and the other for the haunting quietude of its tale.
In this case also, we are not really in a place of solitude or quietude , except in a superficial sense.
This level of restraint, even quietude , is marked throughout the installation - the design is distinguished by what it doesn't do, as much as what it does.
Council is a reflective activity with roots in Quaker and Native American traditions, a time for all to come together for some common quietude , some seriousness, and for the sharing of deeper feelings.
Beyond the lobby is the auditorium and beyond that a sculpture garden, a lovely oasis of quietude at the rear of the lot.
My siblings and I had often rebelled against this time of quietude as young children, but as grew older, it became sacred to us.
Because of this quietude , the rustle in the brush behind me sounded like a shot through the lazy summer air.
They also don't cleave to the imagined Japan of old, which occurs to us as a blur of cherry blossoms and hedge gardens, scented with vaguely detected aromas of honor, humility, feudalism, solicitousness, and quietude .