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quietly / спокойно, тихо, безмятежно
quietly, calmly, easy, still, gently, tranquilly
quietly, quiet, softly, low, gently, soft
serenely, quietly
in a quiet manner.
he worked quietly and diligently
He speaks so quietly and so modestly that it is hard to envisage him as the authoritative playmaker that he is.
By now quietly wishing I was back home again, I wandered into town and bought some lunch.
Do you hit the town after dark, collapse quietly with a book or go celebrity-spotting?
The game started quietly as both teams came to terms with slippery conditions.
the house is quietly situated behind the church
The family sitting out on blankets under the stars, talking quietly , is not foreign to me.
All evening he'd been sitting quietly on a bench not saying a word to anyone.
the child was sitting quietly
he sat there quietly
We went into the game quietly confident that we could win it but we paid a high price.