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quid / соверен или фунт стерлингов
имя существительное
соверен или фунт стерлингов
имя существительное
one pound sterling.
we paid him four hundred quid
a lump of tobacco for chewing.
Aagaard recorded that some of the crewmen traded fossils for tobacco, quoting them as saying, ‘What were fossils good for when you had Navy cut and juicy quids ?’
If you've ever wondered why a small tub of hummus costs around a quid you should try making it yourself.
Well done everyone, it was the best five quid I have spent in a long time.
we paid him four hundred quid
If you drop a pound into the collecting box of a registered charity, that's all it gets - one shiny quid .
I said that a customer is somebody who pays for goods or services, and if he wanted any more input from me it would cost him five quid a word.
But small amounts - a couple of quid here, a few pence there - can add up quite quickly.
Many banks will let you open a high-interest savings account with just a quid .
Its spending power may have decreased, but you can still pick up bargains for a quid .
It cost me fifty quid , or about seventy-five US dollars and I was happy to pay it.
Watch this space to see how the three hundred and fifty pound camera compares with the thirty quid webcam.