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quicksilver / ртуть
имя существительное
mercury, quicksilver, hydrargyrum
имя прилагательное
mobile, agile, motile, fluid, spry, quicksilver
bright, vivid, colorful, shining, flamboyant, quicksilver
наводить ртутную амальгаму
имя существительное
the liquid metal mercury.
Mercury has long been known also by the name quicksilver , because it is a silver liquid.
Instead, more interest is shown in offshore locales like Bermuda, Ireland, Switzerland or Hong Kong, where governments work hard to make themselves attractive to quicksilver capital.
And yet one reason that Picasso became an emblematic artist was that his chaotic inner life was a kind of cultural quicksilver , spilling outward to reflect larger social themes.
his quicksilver wit
Yao Wei - a new ensemble member from Shanghai - entered like a quicksilver breeze, tenuously anchored to earth by beautifully arched feet.
Mercury has long been known also by the name quicksilver , because it is a silver liquid.
Quacks or quack salvers are named from quicksilver ointment peddlers who treated syphilis in the 16th century.
The mind goes like quicksilver to the simple solution to a case and it would have seemed to me that the issue in this case is a very simple one.
California exported nearly all its silver to Asian markets, as well as much of its quicksilver [mercury], which was a key new element in improving the extraction of precious metals from ore.
Only the lizards seemed charmed by the sun, sliding like quicksilver among the crannies in the walls.
It is the secret, the mystery of quicksilver , that a metal of such enormous density can yet remain liquid.