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quickie / халтура, недоброкачественная продукция, наспех выпущенная продукция
имя существительное
trash, potboiler, hackwork, quickie, bust, botchery
недоброкачественная продукция
наспех выпущенная продукция
выпивка на ходу
имя прилагательное
fluent, runaway, cursory, fugitive, escaped, quickie
early, fast, swift, rapid, speedy, quickie
sudden, surprise, unexpected, abrupt, rude, quickie
имя существительное
a thing done or made quickly or hastily, in particular.
As further evidence that Slate has cornered the popular market on interesting Supreme Court writing, go read Dahlia Lithwick's quickie on the Supreme Court's federal marshals.
имя прилагательное
done or made quickly.
his wife cooperated with a quickie divorce
It's an extremely physical performance: invariably attired in long, flowing caftans, easily whipped off for a game of squash, or a quickie before dinner, Ted is not only comfortable with his own nakedness, he revels in it.
Thereafter, she joined a family law firm in Reno, Nevada, where I have no doubt she was among the town's top lawyers on matters Reno - quickie marriages and divorces.
The Blair Witch Project - Halfway between a home video and a minimalist exercise, this little quickie managed to turn a whole industry on its head.
And which is why I bet a lot of you proudly responded to last week's front page quickie quiz - Which are you?
Are you saying that you're flying to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce?
For a while, the couple appeared to have patched up their marriage, but in September 2001, after 20 years together, a quickie divorce went ahead on the grounds that the marriage had broken down irretrievably.
Here's the thing: people blab and gossip as a way of establishing quickie intimacy with each other.
There is no quickie scheme that will make you a successful person.
Away from the world of wine-and-cheese openings and quickie television interviews, Gandhy's public-spiritedness draws him to causes like a moth to a candle.
Hmm... 5 years together now, and it's holding fairly steady at about once a week (and normally a quickie at that).