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quicken / ускорять, ускоряться, оживлять
accelerate, speed up, speed, hasten, expedite, quicken
accelerate, quicken
animate, enliven, revive, quicken, brisk, revitalize
имя существительное
рябина обыкновенная
make or become faster or quicker.
she quickened her pace, desperate to escape
spring to life; become animated.
her interest quickened
The corpse is then made to swallow crushed rose petals, infused with Azoth, which quicken the corpse to life.
Instead of turning around I quicken my pace, stepping into an entranceway, pressing myself back against the door in fear.
To quicken the flames, benzine and oil were used in great quantities.
Interest will quicken in the discarded, spartan works of Bacewicz and Baird, inspiring a generational revival.
As the body without the soul is dead, so the soul without the Spirit is dead, and one work of the Spirit is to quicken the dead soul by breathing into it the living spirit.
She also urged Japan to quicken the pace of a project aimed at disposing of the huge stockpiles of chemical weapons left in China by retreating Japanese armies.
Never break a synthetic log apart to quicken the fire or use more than one log at a time.
Up until the 19th century, a woman was deemed officially pregnant when she felt her fetus quicken , which was about four or five months after intercourse had occurred.
I felt my pulse quicken
It goes to show that work on the canal is beginning to quicken and that this project can work.